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Level Minds is a new initiative from ACNC registered charity, Level Minds Foundation

Our mission is to provide financial assistance for continuing education through scholarships and help raise awareness and tackle the challenges of anyone suffering or affected by PTSD, anxiety & mental health issues.

Donations will go to funding education & training scholarships, mental health first aid courses and promoting better mental health through a healthy lifestyle, education and mentoring programs.


Our Objectives

  • Provide real world and practical training opportunities for people who may have "slipped through the cracks" and are unable to finance further education
  • Raise awareness of mental health issues & suicide prevention by educating & engaging the community
  • Provide regional support groups that will host regular weekly physical activities & encourage a healthy lifestyle & social interaction
  • Provide each group with a designated counsellor for members to contact directly when in need of extra support

Mindfulness App

Happiness for Your Head

We are developing a Mindfulness app for the web, iPhone & Android devices.

Our easy to use app will bring together the information from the website, as well as an interactive & step by step mindfulness program which will allow users to access tips for practicing mindfulness, day or night & when on the go.

Updates and Insights

A global research analysis conducted by the Black Dog Institute shows that national delivery of school-based prevention programs will reduce incidence of depression and anxiety.

Depression is the leading cause of disease burden in Australia and predicted to be the leading cause of across the world by 2030.

In Australia, around 3 million people will experience depression or anxiety every year, and up to 20% of Australians will experience anxiety or depression before turning 18. Early onset of mental illness is associated with poorer health and social outcomes including increased risk of drug and alcohol abuse, unemployment and suicide.

According to research conducted by Black Dog Institute, and published this week in Clinical Psychological Review, delivery of quality prevention programs via the school system will significantly reduce the community burden of depression and anxiety by preventing or delaying onset, and reducing severity.

Source: Black Dog Institute

of Australians will experience anxiety or depression before turning 18.

Connecting with people and spending time with friends, family and pets can improve your general wellbeing and help you feel supported. Plan a catch-up with a friend or family member you haven’t seen in a while, or get involved in a local group activity.

- Headspace.org.au


Do you find it impossible to stop thinking about people, events, and even work when you are supposed to be relaxing or trying to get to sleep? Do find your mind continually dwells on the past? If so, you are not alone.

Finding peace in a frenetic, fast-paced world can be difficult. Most of us are permanently connected to our smartphones and gadgets, which makes “switching off” virtually impossible. Is it any wonder that we are all stressed up to the eyeballs?

Stress is a 21st Century disease and it’s running rampant in modern society. A staggering 64% of Australians admit that stress affects their mental health with almost 40% experiencing some degree of depression. In fact, the Australian Psychological Society reports that 13% of Australians are dealing with severe depression.

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